Her reference to Chopper exists towards the several account

Her reference to Chopper exists towards the several account

In the raid towards the Onigashima, Robin answered Sanji’s plea having let as he are captured by the Black Maria, later on thanking him to have relying on her. During the their fight with Black Maria if the Tobiroppo affiliate already been insulting Sanji once the a good laughingstock to own demanding the girl let, Robin only mentioned that Sanji is actually a type-hearted individual and you may him relying on this lady function much in order to their, also saying they are worthwhile enough to feel named certainly the newest “wings” of your own Pirate King.

Tony Tony Chopper

Basic, towards a fairly maternal height, given that she discovers him good “sweet nothing furball”, while the she acts a bit motherly with the Helicopter – in contrast having Nami’s more challenging grip. Next, into a cerebral level, where she snacks Chopper slightly instance an equal with their common intellectual pursuits and you may passion for books. The woman fondness to have Helicopter seems to have improved following timeskip, since adopting the race regarding the Seafood-Kid Island arch, when Chopper exhausts themselves considerably by using their Beast Point, Robin happily rests your for her lap as he begins to slide. Robin may also fool around with the lady Demon Fruit power to play with your, eg tickling your or and then make him roll-over. That it caring treatment is not overlooked by Helicopter given that noticed in new Davy Back Challenge when Porche was getting also grabby having Chopper therefore, the doctor went so you’re able to Robin and you may she remaining him regarding the female pirate. Also, it is revealed regarding Punk Hazard arc, when Law set Franky into Chopper’s human anatomy, she are been shown to be considerably displeased as Franky generated very raunchy confronts and you will spoke during Chopper’s human body, hence she informed your not to perform either step actually.


Robin gets collectively really which have Franky. He has an alternative thread, due to the fact he is the original profile away from Straw Limits who was simply happy to strive for her lives (throughout the Enies Reception). Since that time, Robin and Franky had been a suitable duo in various instances and you may matches, instance with the Enies Reception, Thriller Bark, and you can Punk Possibility, as well as in low-cannon moments inside the video and you will deals. An example is their collaborating to carry off and you will seriously hurt Spandam due to the fact both noticed your due to the fact a mutual opponent due to the torture he had subjected these to.

This lady has much in accordance which have your due to the fact both was in fact need by Industry Government’s Cipher Pol when they was children despite getting simple in addition they both noticed their loved ones missing because of the World Regulators before him or her. The two of them has shared a beneficial heartwarming philosophical commitment over the evil (otherwise diminished evil) within a dangerous item otherwise person established. Franky’s staunch determination for the terms and conditions from his grasp, that simply present is not a criminal activity, without count just what, some body (or something like that) need to be happy with their lifestyle, went Robin given that she considered this new morality of her own lives if you find yourself getting effective at awakening brand new Ancient Weapons. Franky is certainly one who you are going to relate with her the most towards fact that she try hunted since the she can be acquired, he was together with chased of the bodies. No matter if Franky have to know the actual Robin only eventually from inside the Enies Lobby, according to him he did not anticipate her to get this sort in which he are unable to most faith everything you they claim on the girl. The guy in addition to informs Robin so you can cheer up while the she’s got family members on the market who will be happy to exposure the life to store their. He demonstrates the truth that even though Robin in reality keeps brand new most hazardous ability all over the world, so long as she cannot get into the hands of the authorities and you will she isn’t really ready to have fun with the lady power to wreck the nation, she is not dangerous from the burning the new blueprints and betting with the Straw Caps that they will save Robin. Franky had the chance to getting away from becoming focused from the authorities once again in the event that he give Robin more, however, Franky declines the deal. Just after are expected why they are preserving some body similar to this whenever he’s not also good pirate, Franky responds that he’s just went from the Straw Limits fight having Robin but it possess next offered him the fresh new chance to capture his enough time delinquent payback up against Spandam.

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